Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012.....

A couple of days ago I received an email from a dear friend of mine.  She had taken the time to visit this blog and sent me an email stating:
“You, my friend, are a lovely wonderful individual who only needs to start understanding that you are living and stop thinking about how to live....  I feel that you need to start saying "YES" no matter the consequence!!!  You will feel liberated! I love you!!! “
I got teary eyed.  Sometimes the most powerful words come at such a good time.  I believe that it was Iyanla Vanzant that once said in her book Acts of Faith that “some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”  As 2011 comes to a close I have to say that I feel such deep gratitude to have such special friends in my life. 
With no further adieu I would like to present my revised blueprint to living in 2012 (aka: my New Years resolutions):
  1. Move into a family oriented neighbourhood in the east end of Ottawa – It’s time to say goodbye to the concrete jungle of downtown.  This area treated me nicely when I was a single girl living it up in my late twenties and early thirties, but the mama in me is seeking some greener things in life like trees and grass.
  2. Obtain my G1 Drivers Permit – No.  I don’t have my drivers license.  Now get your jaw off of the floor.  Here in Ontario, Canada we have what is called Graduated Licensing.  Due to the fact that I felt no need in my youth to obtain my driver’s license, I missed the window of opportunity to avoid this new program that was implemented.  Now at the tender age of 36 I am feeling the push (my own push) to get this over with. 
  3. Let Go – I have been hanging onto some issues (and people) from my past that had a big impact on my life and my spirit.  At this particular juncture, these are no longer mutually beneficial relationships but because they are familiar ones I am having the hardest time letting go.  When I say “Let Go”, I am referring to leaving the relationships as they are.  That’s not to say that in the future they can’t be revisited.  Anything is possible as long as it’s best for both people involved.  Marsha Petrie Sue said it best: Stay away from what might have been and look at what will be.”
  4. Learn from the relationships that didn’t work out – This resolution actually ties into “Let go” but I felt that it needed a point all its own. I came across this article by Laurenne Sala on the Tiny Buddha website.  Have you ever read an article that mirrored your thoughts in such a way that it resonates with you long after you’ve read it?  Yeah… me too.  That’s how I felt after reading this clever commentary.  It was validating, refreshing and fun.  Check it out when you have a chance.
  5. Move into a rewarding, well-paying job complete with good benefits and a flexible option to work from home on an as required basis.  Enough said.
  6. Be healthier and active – In an earlier post I disclosed that my One Little Word for 2012 is MOVE. On January 1, 2012 I will be participating in Move More, Eat Well which is a workshop offered through Big Picture classes and facilitated by Cathy Zielske.  The time has come to move off of the couch and towards better health and wellness. Mind, Body and Soul.
  7. Join a group/ organization in support of women’s issues – There are so many great associations in the world right now.  I am looking forward to finding one to lend my hand to .
  8. Step boldly onto the path of consciousness and enlightenment – I have to say that with all of the changes that I have been through in 2011, digging deep within myself helped to get me through a lot.  I would like to become a student to the more spiritual side of things and align myself with a great spiritual teacher.
  9. Get published – While it is the dream for many to see their name in print, I feel that I actually have a shot at making this a success.  The Epic Adventure Series may be the beginning of something, well, epic! So if you are reading this, please feel free to share my work with your friends or anyone that you feel may benefit from it! 
  10. Free myself of emotional toxins – I am an emotional sponge.  If you are feeling something while standing in close proximity to me, odds are, I will pick up on it.  That isn’t really much of an issue.  The problem lies in the fact that I have the hardest time ridding myself of O.P.B. (Other People’s Baggage).  Some people can just shake it off but I have to make a concerted effort.  In 2012, effort is required!
“You don’t have to change the world, you just have to change yourself”. – Yogananda
All of the best for 2012!
Until next time, friends….

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Tyson and I - December 2011

2012 is proving to be a potentially busy and overwhelming year.  I can't predict the future but my instincts are speaking volumes and I'm choosing to listen to them.  I've decided to move away from seeking life affirming counsel from others and have alternatively been working to find some affirmations within myself. 

I admit that I'm a bit of a personal development and self-help junkie.  This isn't something that I would normally just "put out there" but I feel that since this is my blog, I can open up as I see fit.  There's alot of stigma surrounding anything related to self-improvement and some people perceive that only lonely, needy people hang out in the self-help section of a bookstore.  Those people couldn't be more wrong.  So many people have been turning to external resources in the hopes of grasping a better understanding of who they are.  I can attest to having more than my fair share of "feel good" books on my shelf. For a long time I let the voice of strangers set the course for next steps that I took in my life. In preparing for the upcoming new year it dawned on me how ridiculous it is to keep investing in the advice of strangers before listening to what I am feeling about my life.

Up until this very moment I haven't trusted myself to live the life that I know that I am capable of living because of the possibility of success.  How would it change things?  What kind of sacrifice will be entailed?  Here are my answers: 
  1. Things would change for the better simply because I would be living up to my potential  and
  2. Any sacrifice required is necessary to move me out of living safely into living fully
Wow.  That's what I call a reality check.

So over the next couple of days (and for countless days going forward) it's will be crucial for me to carve out even just a few moments each day to listen to myself.  I'll check in with you to share my findings.....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

I was thinking about the best way to approach making a blog entry at such a crazy time of the year.  I thought about being witty or insightful. I decided that the best approach was to stick with the "tried and true" heartfelt one.  The one that speaks from your soul as opposed to your brain. 

I wish everyone peace. The kind that helps you to sleep at night and feels like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of your shoulders.

I wish everyone love.  It was Oprah that said it best when she said, "Because you are here, you are worthy".  It's so true and if more people (including myself) took the time to live to their greatest potential love would be everywhere.

I wish everyone health.  Our health is one of the most precious gifts that we have and yet is taken for granted so often.  Make a commitment to caring for yourself (mind, body and soul) and reap the rewards that follow.

All of the best to you this holiday season and please enjoy this beautiful videoclip of a duet with Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli singing "What Child is This?" (one of my favorite holiday songs of all time).  Thank you, Nicole for bringing this version to my attention!

Until next time, friends...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Makin' A List, Checkin' it Twice....

Alright, I was originally going to write a post entitled, “My Christmas Wish List” but after some thought I realized that it’s not the direction that I want to take.  The reference to a “Wish List” made the post seem too cotton candy pink and fluffy.  The fairy tale connotation that the word “wish” evoked was too much for me to bear.  Instead I am presenting my “Action List” and I’m not going to pigeon-hole this list to Christmas or any other time of year.  I am just going to set my intentions on getting things done and having a bit of fun along the way.
Find my voice – I will be the first to admit that if I had as much confidence speaking as I do writing, I would be an incredible force to be reckoned with.  I have alot to say about a variety of things and I look forward to just “putting it all out there”
Seek salvation in the written word as opposed to the bottom of an ice cream container – My time on maternity leave in the earlier months found me reaching for comfort within one arms reach.  Unluckily for me that need often placed me in the kitchen with my son cradled in one arm and a Ben and Jerry’s container cradled in the other.   The good news is that I found my way to writing again and as long as I keep it going, I reap the benefits of creativity and somewhat more controlled waistline.  Don’t believe me? Go ahead, just try typing and eating simultaneously!
Keep the faith – Since I was a little girl I was raised within (what I know now to be) the seemingly rigid boundaries of religion.  For me it felt like trying on a shoe that was too tight.  I liked the style but it wasn’t a good fit for me.  My faith is now a built on a more spiritual and mystic foundation.  I think that I am going to enjoy taking a bit more Eastern philosophy and seeing how it can apply to this Western life that I’m living.
Detox, Detox, DetoxDefinition of DETOXIFY (transitive verb)
1          a : to remove a harmful substance (as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such from
b : to render (a harmful substance) harmless
2          : to free (as a drug user or an alcoholic) from an intoxicating or an addictive substance in the body or from dependence on or addiction to such a substance

I look forward to examine ways to not only detoxify my mind and body but also relationships.  No one should ever feel obligated to keep people around them just because it seems like the right thing to do.  I am going to work on nurturing the relationships that feed my soul and pray that I can reciprocate the honour. The people that you choose surround yourself with can tell you a lot about yourself.
I am going to stop my list there for now.  I have a tendency to get overly ambitious and because of that I feel like this list feels like a good place to start from.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds!
Until next time, friends!

Friday, December 16, 2011

T Minus 15 Days..... It's Got Me Thinkin'

I cannot believe that there are only 15 days left to 2010.  It seems like only a little while ago I was making my plan of attack for the new year in my 2009 year end wrap up!  2012 is going to be epic :)  I am so looking forward to moving into new ways of thinking.  I am excited at the prospect of meeting new people and I anxious about all of the changes coming my way (anxious but open).

I am having a really hard time getting into holiday mentality this year.  I'm not feeling particularly "bah humbug" (for lack of a possibly much better word).  It's just that I find this time of year causes several people alot of stress and I think that it's important to have a look at that for a moment.  For the past few days I have been asking the typical question: "So what do you have planned for the holidays?".  More often than not the responses that come back to me reference how much shopping there's left to do, how much food remains to be prepared or how much packing needs to be done for a family vacation. 

When did we lose track of the spirit of giving of ourselves and our time?  Neither puts a huge dent in our wallets but the value within such pursuits exceeds anything that may be contained in a little velvet box.  I stand amongst the population that I am referring to when I say that people have far too much attachment to the "things" in life.  The jewellery, the electronics, the high end brand name clothes, the toys.... all of it.  Don't get me wrong.  Alot of pleasure can be derived when these items are in your possession, but would you function the same if you were stripped of them?  If so, then by all means ENJOY them.  If not, it's time for some personal reflection.

Since becoming a mother, I've had to make some adjustments and do without certain things in order to make other things a higher priority.  No more beauty counter make-up or impulsive clothing purchases for a party.  I'm not trying to write a song of woe-is-me here.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  The point to my story is that without these things I'm pretty much the same person and more than that, I have survived!  What I have or don't have doesn't need to define me.  When the time comes around where I have the option of being a bit more liberal with my purchases, I will appreciate what I choose to own alot more than I did before.

Going into the new year I am going to make a concerted effort to give more and expect less.  It's going to take focus to ensure that I stay on track but it will be worth the effort.

What kind of goodness are you going to bring into 2012?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Challenges May Appear Bigger Than They Really Are...

Tonight I decided to go for a walk.  I was exhausted from the efforts of a long day and while it would have been easier to curl up in front of the TV for an hour or two, I gave in to the calling from the universe to get outdoors.  When I finally stepped outside, it was raining and incredibly dark.  I decided that my destination was going to be the public library (when I am feeling out of sorts, a good book often helps to relax me).

During my journey, I questioned why I didn't stay at home. I have quite a few books there already that I have been meaning to read and the weather was miserable to say the least.  I thought that the universe had been trying to send me a message and that apparently wasn't the case.  I looked around for a short cut that would get me to the library ASAP and back home in record time.  There was an empty lot to my left with what appeared to be a barricade separating me from the quickest way to my targeted location.  Was there a way around it?  I wasn't sure and at that point if I had to climb over it or dig under it, I wasn't going to let a fence stop me.

I crossed the lot and arrived at my perceived obstacle ready to face it head on only to find a path right beside it.  This path was quite literally a dry clearing under the umbrella of a big tree.  Crisis averted!  I was a little bit smug with satisfaction and quick to celebrate my triumph over doubt. That is when the message from the universe came to me loud and clear. 

When a challenge is keeping you from where you want to go, you can choose to take the long, safe route around them in the hopes of avoiding the challenge all together.  More often than not, this will probably leave you tired and thinking that there must be a better way.  Instead, try to face the challenge head on.  Walk right towards it and have faith in your conviction to get past it.  You may be surprised at the open path that is revealed to you.

On what feels like your darkest (and coldest) of days, there is always a way out.

Until next time, my friends....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who Are You Now?

“There is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I'm going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

With 2012 just around the corner it is often tempting to take a look back over the past year to see where we have been and use that as fuel to determine where we are going.  I am only recently starting to learn that this line of thinking may not be the best way to move forward into the future.  While it is important for me to know what my family roots are and which life lessons have made the biggest impressions on me to date, I can't use those things to define who I am now.  My past certainly will not be used to paint the picture of what lays ahead for me.
Simply because I won't let it.  The past has zero impact on who I am now because I have made it decidedly so.

"Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present
- Oprah

Someone one in the past may have called you ugly, fat, stupid, opinionated, bitchy, untalented, outspoken or something equally painful.

Someone in the past may have broken your heart, neglected you, smothered you, limited your options or tried to contain your spirit.

Work hard to let those things go.  They happened and may never be forgotten but they are not who you are now.

For a long time, I have lived a life in a way that barely had my feet touching the ground.  I was never really rooted in a moment because there were so many things that I had to do and become before I...

... got married
... had children
... turned (16, 21, 30, 40, 50 or any other milestone age) or
... died (morbid perhaps, but true nonetheless)

I put so much pressure on myself to become what so many people wanted me to be "someday".  I often kept looking over my shoulder, comparing myself against the "old" me.  Any lack of noticeable improvement was viewed by me as a setback.  Thankfully that pressure is slowly but surely starting to alleviate as I move through my epic adventure into finding myself.   One of the greatest lessons that I am deciding to embrace is that the things that happen to me will be based on decisions that I make.  This seems so obvious and yet it has eluded me for many years.  Who knew that accountability is a product of awareness?

20 days are left until the new year.  I couldn't be more excited to move forward.

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.” 
- Anthony Robbins

Side Note: Sadly I had to let Project 365 go for now because I didn't want to take something fun and make it feel like work.  I have enough things going on right now and coming up to keep me busy.  I'll take the pictures that come along with the adventure(s) and post them accordingly.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Top 3 Moments

My Vision Board

It is important for me to try (on a daily basis) to think back on the best parts of my day and realize how truly lucky I am in so many ways.  Here are today's top 3 moments:

  1. My 14 month old son decided that it would be fun to wake up at 2 am this morning; I know... less than ideal, right?  While I laid with him and tried to lull him back to sleep,  he looked me dead in the eye, turned my head and gave me a loud zerbert on my cheek.  This was followed with him breaking into a fit of giggles and my heart nearly exploded with love.  Well worth the sleep deprivation.
  2. Although I have decided to write for pleasure, I have to admit that I was a bit curious about this blog's traffic. I am proud to report that readership (or at least page views) have gone up from when I started (consistently) in November!  So really that means that one of today's top 3 moments has been made possible by you... my cup of gratitude runneth over...
  3. One of my closest friends emailed me today suggesting that we go to New York in September to celebrate our birthdays next year.  While I am making a sincere effort to live in the moment, I am really excited to plan a trip to the Big Apple.  I have always wanted to go and what better time?  I am sure that the planning and the trip itself will provide plenty of good material for future posts.

What have your favorite moments of the day been? 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When I initially started writing this blog I had all sorts of grand ideas about the posts that I would write and the audience that might read it.  I certainly don't know everything but writing allows me to express myself in ways that I can't get out otherwise.  Little did I know how much I would need this forum.  A part of me hopes to reach someone in cyberspace that might identify with where I am coming from and the path that I am on in this life.

As mentioned in earlier posts, things are going to be amping up and changing alot for me in the next few months.  In my quest to move forward I am forced to look at things from a different perspective.  Nothing has changed more for me over the course of the last year and a half than my relationships.  My interactions with my friends, family, child and spouse have undergone some serious renovations.  There have been ups and downs; I have been blessed with some belly laughs and I have succumb to a few tears.  Some of my relationships have had vigorous emotional workouts and because of that they require some time to rest.  That's right....

... they need space to breathe;
... time to recoup and
... they need to be handled with care.

I'm learning that often times the best thing that you can do when trying to salvage a relationship is to step out of it for a while.  What's done during the time apart will have the significant impact on the story ends for those involved.  Will you come together again or part ways?  It's not possible to heal without resting.  The hurt won't end if it's not tended to.

Sometimes we need to fall into the comforting arms of solitude in order to hear what is in our hearts.  Take a moment to breathe and rest when required in order to nurture the good in all of the relationships that you have.

Until next time...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Love, Love, Love....

I have been reading another really great book called, "The Joy of Doing Things Badly" by Veronica Chambers. In chapter five of the book she said something that truly resonated with me and that I think will stay with me for a while.  She brilliantly states: 

" A life beating myself up and telling myself off is like going to the World's fair and spending the entire day in a Porta Potti.  If not a colossal waste of time, then a very sad way to spend what could have been a marvelous day".

It is amazing how much more love, compassion and understanding we can muster up for everyone but ourselves sometimes.  In my case, the startling part of this revelation is that I often am not even conscious of how often I do this.  I currently working to evolve from being my harshest critic into my biggest cheerleader.  If I don't know what the best parts of me are, how can I possibly expect anyone to find them? 

Becoming aware means becoming accountable. That much I know for sure.  Realizing what we put out in the world comes with owning all of it without the convenience of blame.  But here's the thing.  Once you become accountable, work to push past whatever your "thing" is.  There is no sense in hanging on to it and brow beating yourself.  It's counterproductive, emotionally taxing (not to mention spiritually toxic).

Try to derive the good in what may seem to be a crisis on the surface. If you sit with a problematic situation for a minute, can you see the a positive outcome anywhere in the layers of angst?

For example:
  • A financial crisis can present the importance of finding value in what you have as opposed to what you don't.
  • A failed relationship can be an opportunity to spend time giving yourself the love and appreciation that someone else can't at the moment.
  • A physical ailment can sometimes re-focus your attention to finding ways to nurture your body and mind.

In all of the situations noted above, beating yourself up will be a colossal waste of time!  Find ways to be more forgiving to yourself.  Treat yourself as well as you would any of your prized possessions and I will continue to work to do the same. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blogging Intermission

I have not forgotten about you fellow goddesses! :)  Lots going on but I will be back within the next 24 hours.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sometimes a Song Says Things So Perfectly....

This song, "Me" (sung by the beautiful, Kina) is for all of the Girls in My Circle... You know who you are and I love you so much!  The lyrics follow the song:

Sung by: Kina

My heart's jumpin'
God, I'm feelin' open
Spent a long time mopin'
Get a load of me, feelin' free
No pain no more
No blockin' up my own door
All anger out my back door
God, it's good to see

Got kinda hard, I faced it
Fought and cried and almost gave in
All negative forces faded
Love of me just walked right in

I'm just me, I'm enough
With myself I'm in love
I've been weak, I've been low
Made me strong, now I know
I'm just me, I'm enough
Nothin' less, nothing more
I wish everybody could just feel this kind of love

Feels good, feels fine, feels good, yeah
My mind's older
Chip's fallen off my shoulder
All need to prove is over
Good enough for me
Found willingness
Found will to be courageous
No need to feel defenseless, Peace

I'm just me, I'm in love
With myself I'm in love
I've been weak, I've been low
Made me strong, now I know
I'm just me, I'm enough
Nothin' less, nothing more
I wish everybody could just feel this kind of love

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Isn't it Ironic?

In the past year I've had many breakdowns and few breakthroughs.  Simply put, at this point in my life I have been resistant to any indication of what appears to be change.  I think that alot of that can be attributed to what has been a marathon of events that has occurred in the past 4 years. 
  1. I was living the fast paced single life and moved into a committed relationship. 
  2. I started a new job.
  3. I moved further into the depths of my relationship by getting married and then
  4. I silenced the ticking of my biological clock with pregnancy followed by the arrival of our son,Tyson.
Did I mention that all of this occurred in just 4 seemingly short years?

The idea of addtional change occasionally freaks me out.  I 'm just trying to catch my breath!  But alas, the one thing that is guaranteed in life is change.  I have been resistant to making more breakthroughs in my life because doing so calls for change.  It's impossible to make significant progress by doing the same thing all the time.  I'm not doing myself any favours by fighting the inevitable; as a matter of fact in his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle says it best:  "“Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

Today was one of those days where I was resisting.  Who am I kidding, I wasn't resisting as much as I was fighting, clawing and flailing for some semblance of order.  The more I fought, the worse things got and before I knew it I was a hot mess of tears in my office bathroom howling about life's horrible injustices.  Then I decided that crying was futile and that I needed to sort my stuff out and get a grip.  I had to just deal with the things that were in my control and let go of the things that weren't.  It sounds simple in theory and it is in practice as well .... if you let it be.

When I finally stopped taking swings at the inevitable forces of change, things were far from perfect but they weren't as hard to deal with.  Doris Day was onto something when she crooned, "Que sera sera, Whatever will be, will be.  The future's not ours to see.... Que sera sera...."

<Sigh>  So true.

The moral of the story?  Choose your battles wisely my friends.  Some are just not worth the fight.

Until next time....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What If....

What if you decide to turn left instead of right?
What if you say "yes" to your dreams instead of "no"?
What if you follow your heart as opposed to your head?
What if you get up right after you fall?
What if you choose laughter over tears?
What if the word "can't" gets erased from your vocabulary?
Go ahead.  Try it.  What if......

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There is something about the holiday season that evokes certain emotions and thoughts that tend to lie dormant in many of us at other times of the year.  One of the most common emotions is gratitude.  Today my colleagues and I put up the office Christmas tree and it triggered my "thankful" mode.  I try to give thanks every day but there is just something about Christmas.  That being said I have alot to be grateful for.  How about you?

Are you appreciating the roof over your head that is keeping you warm and dry?
Are you taking a second to enjoy the food that has kept you satiated? 

Giving thanks takes a second and it certainly beats complaining about what's missing in our lives.

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way....

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 28, 2011

When Your Soul Whispers

When your soul whispers, it would be a great disservice for you not to listen.  Why? Your soul is trying to send you a message - usually an important one - and it would be wise to take a moment and hear what is being said or felt. 

Project 365 - Day 4

We have become a society that is so preoccupied with working at optimum speed, productivity and efficiency that we forget what it feels like to take a minute and process the things that have transpired in our lives or to contemplate the possibilities of things that have yet to occur.  So many people would rather avoid the opportunity to sit with themselves.  There are so many other things that have to get done, right?

I am not immune to this fast spreading epidemic.  I often find myself preoccupied with the lives of others and I have to conscious decision to "come back to into myself".  Why is that?  When did we become so detached from our lives and our minds?

I feel that we have handed over a lot of our personal power and potential to social networking and other forms of online entertainment. Fast and instant gratification is king of our castle.  I am just as guilty as the next person.  Try to take a moment right now and think about the last time you took a part of the day to just sit with yourself.  No BlackBerry, iPhone, no emails, texts or phone calls.

How great would it be to turn a little bit of solitude into a personal practice?  Show your soul some love so that it can continue to whisper.  Be present and just listen.  

I will be doing the same.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

To Sleep Perchance To....

Rest and Recharge - Day 3
The weekend went by all too quickly!  It was a culmination of playdates and teething (maybe tonight Tyson and I can get some relief).
I had a great opportunity to spend a bit of time yesterday with my friend, Nelly and her daughter Ayah.  It had been so long since we had seen each other that it was extra special that we made the time.  Friends like Nelly aren't common but I am blessed to have a few friends like her in my life because:

  • They understand when you make a last minute cancellation to plans.
  • They don't mistake your tears for weakness.
  • They tell you the hard truth about some things in a loving way.
  • They love to laugh with you and sometimes at you (to your face not to your back)
  • You may lose touch for a while but always pick up where you left off.
  • They have seen you through some not-so-smart moments and still find you endearing.
  • They see you for who you are and not who they want you to be.
  • They hear you even when you aren't speaking.
  • You don't need to preface the word "friend" with the word "best" for them to understand that they rank highly in your life. 

To all of my friends (and you know who you are... just re-read the aforementioned points), I love you!  You are a huge part of what makes my life good and it is my honour to know you.

It's off to dreamland for me... bonne soiree!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bathtub Contemplations - This Blog Post Has Been Brought to You by the Letter "F"

Project 365 - Day 2
Dear Fear,

You and I have been together for quite sometime and I think that it's time that we break up.  I had often listened to you before listening to anyone else (even myself) and to be honest, you've kept me stagnant and you're bringing me down. 

Please don't get me wrong, I have nothing but the deepest gratitude for the potentially dangerous situations that you have helped me to avoid.  The problem is that I am avoiding some really great opportunities as well because I am holding you too close. 

I need space. I need to end things with you now because I don't want to introduce you to my son.  I'm going to teach him how to be a bit fearless. 

I'm not naive and I know that you are probably going to talk to him in the future. When you do, please be kind and gentle.  

~ Rosie

Dear Faith,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming back into my life and giving me a second chance.  I turned my back on you and gave into Fear, and for that I am so sorry.  From now on, I choose to believe that everything really does happen for a reason and sometimes the most painful moments in this crazy life contain the biggest and most important lessons.

Fear gave me nothing but heartache.  You make things feel possible and feasible. I'm so glad we're back together.

Love Always,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Greetings from Cubicle # 4857594

If I had to make up a statistic, I would say that 1 in 4 Canadians spend more then 75% of their average weekday in a 5x5 space called a cubicle (or a space incredibly similar to one).  Is this an accurate estimate?  I have no idea but it is seemingly so.  For this reason and many more than I can count, I encourage you to get out this weekend.  Get out of the cube that confines you, get out of the vehicle that transports you and step into your life.  Move from the everyday into a new day and why not begin now?  This weekend try to find time for one thing that you don't get to typically do during the week.  

  • Read a few chapters from a new book
  • Rent that movie that you have wanted to watch for months
  • Meet up with old friends
  • Make a new friend
  • Break a sweat
  • Soak in a bath
  • Breathe some fresh air
  • Draft a letter and go the snail mail route (emails are so everyday!)

Do something different before you stick with "the same".  You just might thank me.  
Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Life In Pictures - Project 365

I had briefly stepped away from my writing this week because life got away from me.
Umm. No.
Correction.  I got away from life. 
Have you ever had one of those weeks where things have happened so fast that you could barely keep track or much less keep up?

It is at times like this that I feel the need to slow things down a bit and ....
  • Take a minute to listen to a song from start to finish
  • play with my son indulgently for an hour
  • read a book that has absolutely nothing to do with anything work related
  • patiently wait and watch my son get the idea, right?

Then I came across a great idea that will help me to:
  • post/ write more consistently;
  • tie together a few other personal projects that I would like to pursue this year (as mentioned earlier in a few different posts) and
  • take an indulgent moment everyday to myself.
I am one of the thousands that have been inspired by Stephen Poff's 365 Day Photo Diary. If you have the opportunity to check out the article, I highly recommend it.  My idea is to occasionally stray from the self-portrait every day and instead capture a moment of my life everyday.  There are so many little things that will be cool to capture that may have otherwise gotten away.  Adding a few words to tell a bit of the story behind the picture will make everything that much more exciting.

Instead of starting this with the typical New Years kick-off date.  I am going to start this... TOMORROW!  (as in November 25th, 2011).  I would have risen to the challenge of starting now but the realist in me acknowledges that I am bed bound in less than one hour.

What do you say, will you follow my journey?  Better yet, do you want to jump in with me?  I would love the company!  Feel free to leave your comment and a link to your site below.... or perhaps a note with your feedback.

Good night :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Little Word

“One little word can make a BIG impact on your life.  Join the journey”
- Ali Edwards
It is amazing the influence and power that can be found within one word.  I know that it only has as much power that is given to it, but let’s face it we often put a lot of emphasis on the words that we put out into the world every day.
Words allow me to express things in a way that I wouldn’t know who to demonstrate otherwise. They can send me on a motivating high or a heartbreaking low.  Ali Edwards is inspiring woman that has introduced me to a new way of expressing myself and my life stories.  A neighbour of mine introduced me to work last year and I have also seen her name referenced on blogs that I love such as chookooloonks and Ordinary Courage .
Since 2007 Ali Edwards has kicked off the New Year with a project called, One Little Word.  It simply involves choosing one word for the upcoming year that seems to resonate with you and making it yours.  You can use it to meditate with or perhaps use it to inspire your journaling prompts.
The word that I am choosing to use this year is “Move”. 
Definition of MOVE according to Merriam-Webster
intransitive verb
a (1): to go or pass to another place or in a certain direction with a continuous motion <moved into the shade> (2): to proceed toward a certain state or condition <moving up the executive ladder> (3) : to become transferred during play <checkers move along diagonally adjacent squares> (4) : to keep pace <moving with the times> b : to start away from some point or place : depart c : to change one's residence or location

This word has been coming at me from all sorts of directions and I have decided to listen to my intuition and put this one little word to good use.
  • I am going to move towards all that is good for me and those that I love. 
  • I am going to move away from memories of the past and relationships that have only served to bring my spirits down.
  • I am going to move my body in new ways and treat it better than I have to date. 
  • I am going to (hopefully!) move the readers of my work into action for themselves and others.
  • I am going to move to the ‘burbs and kiss the concrete jungle goodbye after many unforgettable years.
  • I am going to move towards my creative goals.
I welcome 2012 with open arms.  It’s time to get moving! 
What will your One Little Word be?

Monday, November 21, 2011

The I's Have it....

I was websurfing one day and came across an interesting way of introducing people on the Big Picture Classes website.  I liked it so much that I thought I would give it a try.  I encourage you to try putting  together your own introduction with the help of the prompts below:

Tyson and I
i was … unsure about what I wanted from life until now.
i am … a writer.
i think … that sometimes it’s alright not to think.
i wonder … what’s in store for 2012.
i wish … there were more hours in a day.
i save … as many pictures as I can these days.
i always … have a book or a magazine on hand.
i can’t imagine … life without my son, Tyson.
i believe … in karma.
i promise … to continue to work at being the best possible version of myself.
i love … special memories, belly laughs and all things serendipitous.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Have you ever had one of those mornings that’s going so well you can almost hear the birds chirping in your house? I had one of those last week and I almost broke out into song. Seriously. It felt that good. The sun was out (which is always great this time of year), Tyson and I were running ahead of schedule and I looked pretty cute, too! I sauntered to the kitchen in a state of bliss, opened the fridge door and grabbed Tyson's bottle for his diaper bag and that's when it happened. Milk spillage EVERYWHERE! I mean all over the fridge trays, all over the food, all over the floor and me. It turns out that my husband missed screwing the lid on the one bottle that I happened to reach for at that moment.
That was it! Birds and sing-songs be damned... I was pissed off! How could he be so thoughtless and inconsiderate? How hard is it to tighten all of the lids? Great...

... now I had to clean up everything.
... now I was going to be late for work.
... now I was suddenly having a less than stellar day.

Wow, could I be more self-absorbed? Did I really think that this little incident was all about me? It's amazing what kind of power the ego has (especially when it hasn't been stroked in a while). The fact is, mistakes happen and this milk incident was one of them. My husband was helping me out by making our son's bottles for the day. He was probably just multi-tasking (or simply tired) and he missed one lid. When I took a moment to cool off and think about things rationally it was easy to see that I had taken things way too personally. My spouse wasn't up the night before planning to stage a lactose coup in the morning.

This event reminded me to take a moment and walk a little while in someone else's shoes. Minutes earlier I would have let a small incident (although slightly inconvenient) ruin the great morning that I had going. Taking a moment to find compassion and understanding helped me to appreciate what had really transpired. Hey, maybe it was a lesson to me to slow down a bit.

Crying over spilled milk doesn't change anything; things happen. Just clean it up, get a new bottle and move on with your day.

Until the next post, my friends!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Body, My Temple

It never ceases to amaze me how often women put themselves last when it comes to maintenance of the mind, body and spirit. We read the magazines and watch the television shows that inundate us with information about the critical necessity of taking better care of ourselves and yet we often fail to really get the message.

According to the Public Health Agency Canada, “Heart disease is the number one cause of death in Canada for women over the age of 55. Women are more likely to die from heart disease than from any other disease.”

What puts women at risk for heart disease? Check out the following list:

· Menopause
· Hypertension
· Cholesterol
· Diabetes
· Tobacco Smoke
· Physical Inactivity
· Excess Body Weight
· Family History
· Race
· Social and Economic Factors

While heart disease is not the only potentially fatal illness out there, it is the one that is having some of the most significant impacts within our sisterhood today. I’m not close to 55 yet but I am not going to wait until I am to take action.

Enter one simple word.... MOVE.

Move off of the couch, off of my butt!
Move towards better health and wellness. Mind, Body and Soul.
Move away from negativity – the energy that it sucks from your life can be just as toxic as many other diseases.
Just MOVE!

This brings me to my exciting adventure. On January 1, 2012 I will be participating in Move More, Eat Well which is a workshop offered through Big Picture classes and facilitated by Cathy Zielske. I am not an avid scrapbooker and this is not what this project is about. It’s about creatively pursuing my fitness and health goals so I have a better chance at being around longer, period.
The countdown is on and if you are interested why don’t you join me? Or perhaps find another way to re-integrate health and fitness into your life. You are worth it and you are worthy.

It’s time to pay homage to my body, my temple....