Saturday, February 9, 2013

Build A Life Less Ordinary

So you want to live a life less ordinary? Build a life less ordinary.  It seems so common sense but so few of us make it a point of intention in our day to day activities and interaction.  We move around in personal silos often oblivious to the benefits of connection.  Countless strategies for success are designed a “safe” time in our future which cleverly absolves us of accountability today.

“When I lose more weight I’m going to…”

“When the kids are older I’m going to…”

 “When I have more money in the bank I’m going to…”

“When I get settled I’m going to…”

“When I know how s/he feels I’m going to…”


What are you going to do then that you can’t start doing today? 

The endgame is usually an aspiration to be happy and sadly we’ve become desensitized to the things that bring us joy today because we’re so caught up in getting “there”.

We quickly forget that the small gifts that are found in a lending a hand, sharing a laugh, being ourselves, exploring new things and everything that lies in between.  Solace from boredom, fear and loneliness is often sought in things that we drink, shows that we watch, acceptance that we seek and company that we keep. The funny thing is we’re looking in the wrong places.  Yup, the joke’s on us.  We’re the game changers.

The good news is that self-awareness often breeds change or at the very least, it lays a solid foundation to build on.   Decide where you want to go and take one action today towards it.  Go for a walk, sign up for an online course, meet new people… the world is open.  Take a tour.

Become your own biggest cheerleader and advocate.  When other people voice opinions about what's not possible in your life, show them what is possible.  You might stumble on your first few attempts but with consistent effort you'll be on your way towards flawless execution.

Nike brilliantly immortalized the slogan, “Just Do It” and I echo the notion.  Life is yours for the living, it waits for no one. 

Now that we’re clear on that, what are you going to do about it?

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