Sunday, June 23, 2013

Words of Encouragement

Never Settle.

So you’re down and out.  You’ve lost sight of “The Holy Grail”.  There’s a chance you’re pissed off with leaps of faith that have apparently provided zero return on investment.

Don’t give up.

Think back to a time when you believed in infinite possibilities.   Life was simpler living on your own terms, right?  Life’s much easier to navigate when you’re the commander of your ship.

Oh Captain, my Captain… nothing’s stopping you now.  Take the helm once more.

I beg of you. 

Don’t settle.

The one that broke you’re heart wasn’t meant for you.
The dress that didn’t fit wasn’t made for you.
 Average is no longer acceptable.  
Make room for extraordinary.

A growing number of people are conditioning themselves to set sights lower when a goal is missed, a spill is taken or a battle is lost.  The mantra, “Nothing should be this hard” perpetuates a convincing story that “the good life” is meant for someone else and yet…..

No one’s more deserving of the dream than the person who dreamt it.

Belief trumps self-doubt every freakin’ time.

Never give up.  I implore you.          

You’ll get there.  In a time yet to be determined (and most likely sooner than you think) you’ll be sitting back, reflecting on your success and telling stories of yesteryear with a satisfied grin on your face because you decided to push forward.

You’ll be the wise sage saying, “I’ve been there. Don’t settle.”

Until next time, friends.


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