Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lessons from 2013

Much like the 37 years that preceded it, this year was full of lessons learned, felt, and shared.  While I write this post, my son is supposed to be napping but instead has chosen to croon a few classics from his favorite show, “Bubble Guppies”.  He's a big part of my reality and I wouldn't change a thing even on my most challenging days. 

As 2013 winds down, I find myself reflecting on everything that's brought me to today. 

A lot of ….

A healthy dose of joie de vivre,
And a few glasses of wine (everything in moderation, right?)

Thanks to a seemingly endless supply of love and compassion, I've developed high tolerance for temper tantrums, schedule dictatorship, finicky palettes and Treehouse children’s programming.   

It’s not that I wasn't a loving person before, but I now believe that life throws you tests just to see how deep your “love" well is.  Apparently, I'm at a surplus and the reason why is because when I look at the big picture I see that I have a good life

Now don't mistake me for the eternal optimist; this year hasn't been free of challenges.  I never imagined myself single, in the latter part of the "thirties"and tasked with raising a beautiful boy into respectable man. 

Yet here I am.   

But, I've discovered that I am a lot of other things, too.  I’m strong, fiercely independent, a bit outspoken, wittier than I used to be, a writer, a beautiful masterpiece of imperfection and a better person all around since motherhood was added to my resume just three short years ago.

This year I've learned that it’s okay to concede to the low points in life as long as you don’t surrender to them.  There were some “What the…???” moments but then there were the good ones.  Ooooh, those good ones made everything worth it.  

Those moments weren't derived from expensive purchases, the company of the “ideal” men or relaxing vacations (although I certainly wouldn't turn any of those things down!).
Instead, I've come to find joy in a nice email from a friend, a successful potty training session with my boy, laughs with people I enjoy or a quiet moment just to take it all in.

Like now.

My sincerest wish for anyone reading this post is to realize that the life you want is fully within your reach and will often come to you in ways that you never expected.  Your body, friends, partner, mind, job, home, kids, opinion and many other things may change (and sometimes without your permission!) but don’t miss the lessons offered in quiet evolution.  They can be painful yet precious; sweet yet fleeting and for one moment in time, they are yours for the taking.

All the best in the fast approaching New Year!

Until next time…

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